Klari Agar is a Visual Artist practicing on the unceeded lands of the Kulin Nation. Born and Raised in Naarm (Melbourne) they have been exhibiting within Australia since 2016. They primarily work within photography, installation and curation but also practice sculpture, sound design, performance and film. 

Primarily based in film photography, Agar projects ‘markings’ and mementos into still images.

They use film negatives to navigate ideas of nonlinear time, shared belonging and the motions of intimacy – focusing specifically on how these concepts impact our bodies and environments.

Favouring film photography for its chemical sensitivity (as it must respond directly to its local conditions) they warp and repurpose images with experimental substances, layering them on top of each other to produce landscapes that intervene with conventional landmarks of belonging and mortality. 

They have exhibited in Hyde Park, Sydeny (2019), Sucker.co (2019), Centre for Contemprary Photography (2019) and Beeac Window Space (2018), Kings Run (2019), Gallery 17 (2020), Sucker.co (2020) and at AIRspace projects (2021).

In 2018 Agar had a solo show ‘ 8PM TOMORROW’ at the Beaac Window space and was awarded ‘ Staff Choice Award’ at the CCP Salon. In early 2019 Agar worked with SpeakEasy and Darebin Arts to produce a festival ('Let's Take Over').

Agar is currently completing their bachelor of Fine Arts (photography) at the Victorian of the Arts.

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